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We are an established roof cleaning company based in Tunbridge Wells, but working with residential customers across West Kent and South East London.

Our tried and tested cleaning methods restore your roof to pristine condition and keep your roof looking good all year round.

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Your first choice for roof cleaning and roof moss removal in the Tunbridge Wells area

Tunbridge Wells Roof Cleaners offer a "one stop shop" for all roof cleaning services.

Why use Tunbridge Wells Roof Cleaners to clean your roof?

  • Fully TRAINED staff
  • RELIABLE service
  • Over 30 YEARS experience
  • COMPETITIVE prices
  • Comprehensive INSURANCE
  • PROFESSIONAL roof coatings used

Before and after photos, showing a roof in Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells roof before cleaning and moss removal Tunbridge Wells roof before cleaning

How do we clean your roof?

We offer the following roof cleaning services for our clients in the Tunbridge Wells area:

a) Moss Removal
First thing we do is remove the moss either by jet wash or manually (depending on the package you opt for). If the moss is removed manually, the bulky material is scraped off using a simple implement. Below 30° pitch and when the tiles are sound, this can be done by a trained roofer, pacing the roof itself. If the roof is too steep or fragile - period clay tiles for instance - the preparation is carried out using bespoke telescopic tools.

The gutter outlets are protected against blockage beforehand. Tarpaulin is laid to receive the falling debris. If the moss balls are small, they will fall naturally.

b) Fungicidal wash
A powerful treatment of fungicidal solution is then applied to your roof to further ensure the removal of any remaining dirt. Furthermore, this guarantees minimal future fungal growth and maintenance.

c) Roof repairs
After removing the moss from the roof and applying the fungicidal treatment, we can make sure that your roof maintains its good functioning condition. We can repair defective or damaged areas such as the mortar between crests. Ridge and hip tiles will be removed and repointed, and finally, all damaged roof tiles will be replaced. There may be an additional charge depending on the amount of work that needs doing.

d) Roof sealer
When all repairs are being taken care of, we can apply a roof sealer to ensure protection for your roof from further decline. We offer a range of coloured or clear sealers for you to choose from to give your roof a complete finish.

Roof cleaning packages in the Tunbridge Wells area

Our great value roof and gutter cleaning prices start from ONLY 375.00

Gold roof cleaning package in Langton Green and Tunbridge Wells


  Jet wash to remove debris from the roof
  Fungicidal wash
  Vacuum gutter cleaning of all gutters
  Repairs to any loose or broken roof tiles
  Application of two coats of roof sealer (coloured or clear)
Silver roof cleaning package in Pembury and Hawkenbury


  Jet wash to remove debris from the roof
  Fungicidal wash
  Vacuum gutter cleaning of all gutters
Bronze roof cleaning package in Southborough and Penshurst


  Moss removal by hand
  Fungicidal wash
  Vacuum gutter cleaning of all gutters

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What do clients say about our work?
We have wanted the roof cleaning for a long time, but didn't know who to use. Then our neighbour mentioned that you had a done a good job on their house. You were punctual, tidy and the roof looks really good.
Mr and Mrs Simpson,
We moved into our new home and loved it, but the state of the roof let it down, it looked really messy. So we asked you for a quote, which was cheaper than we had expected. Now thanks to yourselves, the roof looks great.
Geoff Clarke,
Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells
Roof in Tunbridge Wells having jet wash cleaning
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